Our school is based around the Core Values of Respect, Enjoyment, Care, Confidence and Challenge and these values are an integral part of all that we do. Our school aims to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that is based on high expectations and standards. Furthermore, enrichment activities, educational visits, visitors and the school environment are used to stimulate a love of learning.

Our curriculum ensures that learning extends beyond the classroom, making good use of our extensive school grounds and the surrounding countryside through Forest Schools. Every child has the right to excel at something and by the time your child leaves Rodings we hope that they have discovered their talents. A child’s happiness and wellbeing are also key priorities making sure that they can flourish personally and academically. Rodings is a school of friendship, teamwork and community and children leave this school with amazing, long-lasting memories.

The information on this website is aimed to provide you with as much detail as possible, but please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to visit and learn more about Rodings Primary.

Mr Colin Raraty - Headteacher

Welcome from the School Parliament

We love our school, and we want to tell you why: Here at Rodings we listen to others, not only teachers but students too. We promote respect and hold doors open for each other. We care for each other and make sure we are all happy. We challenge ourselves by working hard, we can even choose our own tasks sometimes. When we get stuck on something we keep on going and try our best. We know that our teachers will always help us.

We develop our confidence in lots of different ways: Every week we have a celebration assembly looking at children's good work, we can compete in lots of sporting competitions and we even have a talent show in the summer! At Rodings we have so much fun. We have exciting school trips and visitors. We have great after school clubs and we go to Forest Schools. There is so much to Enjoy. We would love you to come to our school and find out how great it is.

Rodings Primary School Parliament