Subject Hubs

Our aim is to provide a rich, inspiring curriculum which focuses on the acquisition of knowledge and skills through a topic themed approach which makes the learning more meaningful for our children. This approach is enriched by high quality experiences, such as events, excursions, visitors to the school, activities, church and community links which support the learning in the classroom and bring the local community together.  For information about our curriculum fundamentals can be found here.

We have 13 curriculum subjects and links to each of these are shown below. 

In order to gain the most from their learning, children are encouraged and challenged to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in different ways. This ensures that they master the curriculum and have sound foundations for the next steps in learning.

Subject leaders are passionate about their subject and have created

  • A subject policy
  • A subject evaluation form
  • A learning ladder
  • Unit overviews

These documents can be found on each subject page. 

Personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE) is an important part of our school curriculum.  PSHE is taught throughout each subject and also in discrete standalone lessons. 

We encourage parents to be involved in their children’s learning and provide information about what and how their children are learning and how to support them at home.