Mount Multiply at Rodings

Timetables at Rodings Primary.

The quick recall of multiplication and division facts are extremely important for all children to strive for in mathematics. The ability to recall these facts with ease is essential in answering any related fact. We believe at Rodings Primary when children know their multiplication and division facts they grow in confidence and are able to reach their mathematical potential. It is therefore important we approach the teaching and testing of times tables in a progressive and efficient manner from Year 2 to Year 6. 

The intention of the National Curriculum is that the expectation is that ALL children know their multiplication and division facts by the end of Year 4, where they sit a statutory Times Tables screening. 

The guidelines for each year are as followed:

Year 2: know all multiplication and division facts for the 2s, 5s and 10s

Year 3: know all multiplication and division facts for 3s, 4s and 8s.

Year 4: know all the multiplication and division facts for ALL up to 12.

Year 5 and 6: use all multiplication and division facts to aid finding fractions and percentages of an amount. 

Here at Rodings, we are inspired to make all learning engaging, where we want to celebrate the children’s achievements. So we have created an exciting multiplication and division challenge for the children to tackle whilst at Rodings. We have decided to follow a Mountain profile, building the times tables knowledge in a methodical and progressive format, ensuring that the facts are learnt and retained along the journey. 

These facts will be assessed through weekly tests in a set time period of 5 minutes. Initially there will be 40 questions per test which will progress to 60 questions closer to the summit. Children keep a folder with their mountain profile and times table tests so that they can track their progress and know what they are working on. Children’s progress through the times table mountain is shared with parents through their times table homework book.

How the mountain works

The children all start at the bottom of Mount Multiply. The children start on the 2x tables and progress up the mountain until they reach the summit where they will plant a flag and earn a place in Rodings ‘History of the Climbers’ who reached the Summit. The children will be tested weekly and when full marks are scored on the test they progress onto the next times table. The children continue their climb up the mountain. Along the way the children will reach different camps, where there will be key mathematical areas for the children to learn, such as number bonds in the early stages up to fractions and percentages nearer the Summit. These camps are aimed to help fluency and mental strategies as they progress as mathematicians. Once the children have learnt all the multiplication and division facts they progress on to the  mathematical arithmetic challenges, that are designed to progress the children towards the Year 6 requirements. 


For each times table completed on the mountain the children will be rewarded with a certificate, and for every camp completed the children will be rewarded with a badge. When a child reaches the Summit and ‘plant their flag’ the children will be rewarded with a Maths game of their choice. 

Learning Multiplication and Division facts 

How we teach them at Rodings:

  1. Taught by counting and chanting

  2. Learnt by learning songs (examples on Youtube) e.g. 

  3. Playing different games

  4. Using a metre stick to count forwards and backwards in the chosen multiplication fact. Multiplication facts are then hidden.

  5. Around the world 

  6. Jeopardy! -

  7. TTRockstars - paper and online

How the children can practise at home: 

  1. TTRockstars 

  2. Hit the button 

  3. Youtube songs e.g. Moana’s 3 times table 

  4. Times table and division bingo 

  5. Multiplication wars using a pack of cards 

  6. Draw a multiplication Waldorf Flower 

  7. Multiplication word searches 

  8. Colour by multiplication - there are a lot of these. Here are a few examples. 

  9. Fizz Buzz - great for 3 and 5 times tables 

  10.  Seeing Double or halving  using dominos 

  11. The Chase - 

Times table tests at Rodings Primary School

The complete set of weekly multiplication and division facts tests are given below. If you would like to practise these at home, open the file, press F9 to generate a new test and then print. In this way you can generate an unlimited number of different tests for each area of learning.

Please note - these tests are designed to test times tables knowledge, rather than to teach it. There are many ways in which children can learn times tables please see our learning times table section above. This learning needs to be secure before knowledge gained can be assessed in a test.

The tests are given in the following order. Remember to press F9 once the file is open to generate a new test, and then print the page. The tests are not designed to be filled in electronically on your computer - they are to be printed out and filled in with a pencil.

Multiplication and division Facts Tests