Learning Mentors

Our learning mentors are fully trained members of staff who help identified pupils to  address barriers (and potential barriers) to learning through supportive one-to-one relationships and sometimes small group work.

What's involved

Learning mentors help students develop coping strategies, enhance their motivation, raise their aspirations and encourage them to re-engage in learning. To work effectively, learning mentors have to take into account the range of complex issues that usually lay behind problems with learning and achievement (eg bereavement, lack of confidence/low self-esteem, low aspirations, mental health issues, relationship difficulties, bullying, peer pressure, family issues/concerns).

Learning mentors will often have to:

  • offer a sympathetic ear to young people with a range of behavioural, emotional and learning difficulties
  • relate to young people with a wide range of abilities and often from diverse social backgrounds
  • jointly develop plans of action to help young people overcome barriers to achieving their full potential
  • liaise with parents and carers
  • work closely with other professionals, like social workers, educational psychologists and education welfare officers.