Homework - Learning Logs

A learning log, or learning journal, is a way for children to record their knowledge and understanding in whichever way suits them best, allowing them to take control of their learning.

The learning log itself is a blank-paged exercise book, usually at least A4-size. Each week, children in Key Stage 2are given a task (or tasks) based around something they’ve been learning at school, or will be learning in the new future. The task is always open-ended, rather than prescriptive, such as in these examples:

  • ‘This week, we’ve been learning how to tell the time. Design something to teach other people how to tell the time.’
  • ‘We saw lots of exciting things on our class trip to the Natural History Museum. Use these pages to record some of the things you found out.’
  • ‘Next week we’re going to be reading the Bible story of Noah’s ark. What can you find out about Noah?

Children are given a two week period in which to finish their task(s). Work is shared in a collaborative session in class where feedback is verbally given by class teachers and by classmates.