History is a highly-valued subject at Rodings Primary School, being the basis for our Spring “Discover” term. Our school is situated in an area rich in history with strong Anglo-Saxon and Norman heritage as well as many WW2 airfields in the immediate vicinity and, as a result, our aim is for children to have a deep understanding of Britain’s past, recognising its chronology and seeing where periods of world history coincide. Through engaging and varied history units, following the National Curriculum, children are inspired to learn about the past.

Enquiry is a central skill of our history curriculum and children are encouraged to learn about their period of study through careful questioning and evaluation of historical sources; as much as possible, we aim for children to draw their own informed conclusions which are supported by a strong subject knowledge. We use high-quality history resources including well-resourced planning which is supplemented by an extensive selection of hands-on artefacts which match our topics. 

Our history curriculum and enquiry-lead approach provides children with transferable skills which can be used across other subjects as well as in wider elements of life outside school. With a strong understanding of our place in history, children’s citizenship is developed as well as their wider understanding of the world. 

Placing a strong emphasis on history, we ensure that we assess this subject in depth to track pupil’s progress through low-stakes quizzing, end-of-unit assessments and through teacher-judgement from work seen in lessons. 

Wherever possible, we enrich our history curriculum with additional experiences including visits to museums or significant locations, in-school visitors as well as other opportunities such as Now Press Play (dramatised walkthrough stories). 

Subject Leader

Rob Jinkerson

contact: mr.jinkerson@rodingprimary.co.uk