At Rodings Primary School, we aim to inspire the children to learn Geography through a hands-on approach and incorporate educational visits and field trips to study the local area.

Key to the geography curriculum is allowing the children to conduct their own research and encouraging them to ask questions and develop a fascination about the world around them and its people, that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

We equip our children with knowledge about places, people and their own environment, whilst nurturing critical thinking skills through explorations and investigation. Children in Year 5 have the opportunity to visit Aylmerton in Year 5 and take part in a four-day field study, where they will investigate local rivers, analyse habitats and wildlife and have the opportunity to learn about coastal erosion. 

Throughout the school, and as an integral part of the Geography curriculum, we are teaching our children what it means to be good citizens of the planet. 

The children work with school staff, parents and members of the local community to communicate the respect we believe the planet deserves, which is shown by all.

All of the skills learnt through the experiential topic areas such as enriching vocabulary, developing enquiry skills and learning how to ask questions support our children as they progress through their wider learning journey at our school.

Subject Leader

Rob Jinkerson


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