At Rodings Primary School our English curriculum encompasses the essential skills of reading, writing and communication.

We ignite a love of literacy for our learners by putting storytelling at the heart of our English curriculum. This gives children the opportunity to develop their ability to listen intently and develop great oral communication skills while mastering the language in order to imitate and innovate the stories that they hear. They are exposed to texts from around the world with a variety of genres and narratives of diverse compositions. Allowing the children to begin to understand how the audience and purpose affect the language choice of the author.

Through systematic, daily phonics teaching we create children who are confident to utilise letters and sounds which form the fundamental building blocks for reading and writing.

We understand that reading opens many doors for children to develop emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually. Therefore, we offer our children a wide range of reading opportunities through whole class reading lesson, group reading lesson and individual reading to read for both purpose and pleasure.

We are committed to putting vocabulary at the heart of all of our English work. We teach children to write through an approach called 'The Write Stuff', where teachers are continually modelling the writing process, discussing rich and impactful vocabulary and taking their time to craft interesting pieces of writing. 

We aim to develop thoughtful, sensitive listeners who are also keen to communicate their thoughts, ideas and emotions respectfully and with confidence.

We work together to ensure our children leave our school as independent learners, with a love of reading, writing and language.

Reading Subject Leader

Rob Jinkerson (maternity cover) and Lucy Parker

contact: mr.jinkerson@rodingsprimary.co.uk or miss.parker@rodingsprimary.co.uk

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Writing Subject Leader

Rob Jinkerson (maternity cover)

contact: mr.jinkerson@rodingsprimary.co.uk

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