Art & Design

Art and Design plays an important role in Rodings Primary in promoting a broad, balanced and enriched curriculum, giving our children the widest range of experiences possible. It is also a vehicle for celebrating diversity and equality, exploring their own personal views but those of other people and cultures. 

High quality and well planned art and design activities engage, inspire and challenge pupils allowing them to develop a solid set of arts skills. Consequently, children are able to use the  skills and knowledge taught to express their creativity and individuality. 

Our main intent is to develop confident, creative risk-takers who can persevere through challenges to reach their full potential. Artists who are willing to try new approaches and think about using materials in new and exciting ways to create different effects, and who embrace the unexpected.

As the children progress through the school they develop critical thinking skills and social intelligence demonstrating their creative side either through the appreciation and analysis of art work or the creation of their own images and pieces.

Through CREATE the children experience a range of art mediums and tools that go beyond the national curriculum. 

Children leave Rodings with an appreciation of art and artists and the role they can play in their future lives either as a career or as a hobby for wellbeing.

Subject Leader

Colin Raraty