Admissions Arrangements

We admit children into the Reception class in September or at agreed points in the school year.   

An evening meeting is held in June for parents of new entrant children to explain the details of our induction policy for that year.  

During the term before children start school arrangements will be made for them to spend several mornings in school and their classroom, so they can start to build their confidence for starting school in September, and so they can begin to build positive relationships with our Early Years team. 

Before starting school we try to make children feel as involved in the process as possible and include activities for them in our induction programme.

Applications are made to Essex County Council which can completed online.  This will need to be submitted to the Local Authority by their specified date.  Places will then be allocated and parents notified in the spring term.

Parents can apply online at

To allow staff time to get to know children quickly a phased admission takes place over a period of two to three weeks if they are starting in September.  Children will be admitted gradually in groups (with the oldest children admitted first). By using this method we feel that we are able to settle the children more effectively into school routines. 

To help the children settle in to school life they are partnered with one of the children from our oldest class.  This arrangement, known as Special Friends, ensures that the youngest children have older children to look after them and to take an interest in the things that they do.

Admissions into other year groups and mid year applications. 

If you are moving into the area or transferring from another school call the school office to make an appointment to tour the school and to check for availability of spaces. Applications are then submitted to Essex County Council through their website.