Year 6 - BMX Day

On Monday, Flamingos had an amazing day with Mike Mullen from the BMX Academy. They were challenged to learn various BMX tricks including using ramps and even standing up on the bike. Mike aims to empower children, encouraging them to use a growth mindset to push their comfort zones with each trick challenge. 

Here are some of the Flamingo’s comments on their BMX experience. 


‘I thought the BMXing was great and even though some of it was harder than it seemed, I gave it my best and tried. This experience helped me learn that I was almost invincible to any challenge.’



‘I found BMX fun but also challenging because I had never done most of the tricks before. Even I got back up and tried again. The next time I tried it I did it. It also gave me some more self confidence and made me want to challenge myself more.’



‘I really enjoyed doing the BMXing because not only did we get taught how to do cool tricks, we also learned how to be resilient and not give up if something becomes tricky. The coaches were really supportive and showed us step by step. Overall, the BMXing was amazing.’



‘On Monday, I really enjoyed the BMX workshop. It really boosted my confidence. I felt that I really challenged myself. I learned lots of tricks that I didn’t even know existed. Also, the instructors were very encouraging.’ 



‘I really enjoyed BMxing. I was super worried I wasn’t going to be able to do it and I was going to fall off the bike. The tricks looked really tricky but after I tried them I thought they were fun but not easy. Overall, I learned that trying new things isn't always impossible.’