Mid - Year Application Form

You should not remove your child from their current school until a place has been secured at Rodings or another school.

Section 1 - Pupil Details

Section 2 - Home Address

Section 3 - Parent/Carer Details

Section 4 - Reason for change of school

New Address if different to Section 2 (please attach copies of proof of address (e.g. exchnage of contracts or signed tenancy agreement).

No file chosen

If 'yes' please give details:

Section 5 - Other details

No file chosen

Section 6 - School preference.

Please state your preferred school in the box below. You do not have to give reasons for your preference. Any reason you give should generally refer to the admissions policy.

Section 7 - Siblings

If you have another child at this school please enter their details below.

Section 8 - Other Information

Section 9 - Declaration

I confirm that the information I have given is true and that I am a parent of this child.

This form will automatically be sent to Rodings Primary school. If you would like full details on how a school uses personal data, please visit the school website. If you would like full details on how ECC uses personal data, please go to www.essex.gov.uk/privacy or call 03457 430430