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Rodings Primary School

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Admission Arrangements Consultation

Admissions Criteria Consultation Response

In the Autumn Term of 2020 Rodings Primary conducted a consultation on the Admission Criteria for the school. Parents and the wider community were invited to comment on the proposed criteria for the school from 2022. 

The consultation was part of the legal requirement to consult on the school's Admission Criteria every 7 years. No changes were proposed by the Governing Board.

The Governing Board received 7 replies; one from Essex County Council and six from existing parents. 

To further support decision making, Governors sought advice from Essex County Council, reviewed the admission procedures of other local schools and used the admissions code guidance.

The Governing Board held an extraordinary meeting on the 19th January to discuss these responses and to determine the final version of the Admissions Criteria. Following a lengthy debate it was unanimously decided that the order of the admissions criteria should remain unchanged, reflecting what was published in the consultation paper. 

During the discussion it was determined that local children living within the priority area should take precedence over other groups. 

A compelling argument was made by some parents that there should be just one sibling rule for the school rather than the current order which separates siblings in and out of the priority area. This suggestion was seriously considered by the Governing Board. However, it was determined that there would be scenarios where children living within the priority area would be denied places over those living outside the priority area because of any change to the sibling rule and this was not conducive to community cohesion and development. In theory, due to the size of Rodings' catchment area these children would be denied access to other local schools as they would not fit the admission criteria of said schools. Governors fully sympathised with the respondents and the positions that they found themselves in. 

Overall, it was felt that there was a need to look after the immediate local community first and ensure that places were available for local children from all demographic positions including those that may need it most.